Kongs To Be Stood Down After Playing Club/League Matches

I’ve seen the suggestion in the discord that after appearing in a club/league match Kongs might be stood down and prevented from playing in a defined number of forthcoming club/league matches and I appreciate that it would be one way of ensuring that more than just the highest boost Kongs at any club get decent game time

However if the RKL team decides to go down that path I’d advise caution against the number of games Kongs are stood down for being too many because imo it is very unlikely that all 300 clubs will get 30 Kongs joining

I know there’s been talk of 1,000 Kongs not finding a space in a club but actually ime there’s rarely more than 75% of NFT holders in any 10k project who are activiely involved (as evidenced by for example about 25% of BYOpill holders not claiming free+gas BYOkeys & BYOvapes which soon became valuable in their own right)

Ultimately it would be in no one’s interests if a club which doesn’t have 30 members is unable to fulfill fixtures as all its Kongs have played recently and are stood down