RKL "Friends" Idea

I’m thinking a way to have “friends” in the RKL ecosystem, similar to having a friend on XBOX live. Either on the RKL website or on the game platform you can look at your friend’s profile, see their kongs and their kong’s stats, records, what clubs they belong to, etc. See whether they are online or in a game, and maybe be able to view or stream their games. Be able to challenge them to pick up games, for example see they are online challenge them to an unranked game with a 500 $KNG wager, etc. A way to make a 10k Kong project (which will become larger in the future) more close knit and accessible. Not sure how feasible it is but could be a worthwhile feature


Would love to see all this integrated. Might be some way into the future but sounds dope.

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We are exploring how we can add more social features, we will add this one, too.

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