Proposal for RKL to distribute Cold Storage devices to support their Dynasties Operational Security

As described in the title, I want to officially propose that the RKL core team distributes cold storage devices to each officially minted RKL Club(s).

The logic is simple: The value of RKL and RKL Clubs is greatly at risk by the increase in scams with a higher level of sophistication, as the RKL ecosystem blossoms.

To date, there have been over 15+ victims of scams, from phishing, spear phishing, malicious contracts and different types of common bad actors in the crypto-ecosystem against RKL Kong holders.

The severity of these attacks will be much more greatly felt once clubs are made official on chain this year. It is within the best interest of all Club operators to help the roster members acquire cold storage devices, but, really, it would be within RKL core team’s best interest to accommodate the newly minted clubs with some level of support in this area.

Either by procuring the cold storage devices on behalf of RKL and distrusting them to clubs, personally branding Ledgers for each newly minted club, or just helping finance the purchase of Cold Storage devices by clubs for their club members. This would be a W for RKL and Clubs.

RKL, although planning to adopt 3rd party NFT collections into the RKL games and mini games, would still be greatly impacted by the theft of a top tier boosted kong or rare fur.

If the rarest fur kongs or top boosted kongs are locked in a scam address or recycled to the market at below market prices it would discredit the type of Ethos that RKL is looking to build, as an eSports community.

Please give serious consideration and feedback in encouraged.

Thank you.


Get ledger to donate 300 ledgers. And we throw a ledger logo on all uniforms…


Great suggestion Kongsy, now we have the brain juices flowing…I have worked with multiple companies in the Crypto Space who’ve taken bulk orders from Ledger for their clients and/or employees. It can be done.

As long as secure it’s a nice idea.

I think you have raised a very important point generally about security though.

A stolen kong that is owned by the club is quite complicated. I think it would be a good idea to discuss with team about things that might be possible, on the blockchain, to add security.

To some extend this is less ‘decentralised’ but a game isn’t really a decentralised, it’s very centralised up to a point and there are certainly things that could be done, but there may be reasons for or against those things.

Good points Floyd.

This crosses my mind often and will be an inevitable scenario for us the community to endure. I think it’s totally ignorant to believe that there wont be a scenario where a Kong or multiple Kongs tethered to a Club’s Metadata will be stolen from their owner and subsequently from that Club itself. I don’t know how you can solve this problem besides helping educate the community and provide the most infrastructure possible for the Clubs to give them the best chances to mitigate losses long term.