Launch Staking Prior To Club NFT Auctions

The RKL team should consider launching staking prior to the club NFT auctions starting. Not least because staking is an activity which all Kong holders will be able to particiapte in whereas only Kong holders with fat wallets or who have joined an unoffical club will have a direct interest in the club NFT auctions. Also staking should lead to supply on the secondary market drying up


Is it determined whether there will be a token component to staking in addition to boost increase? In either case, I think good options would be 1) release staking for boosts increase or 2) release staking for boosts and add token component afterwards. In any case, I think staking can come before tokenomics and clubs auction

Hey I like that suggestion. And to answer your question the whitepaper says during staking Kongs will earn permanent boost increases (up to 7% iirc) and Kongs will earn $KNG. As you say if the tokenomics for $KNG are not finalised yet (and obvs the RKL team will want to ensure they get that right) staking could start with just the boost increases. I think the community would be super hyped for that as most people are buying based on boosts not visual rarity with an eye on doing the best they can when gameplay launches


Added for consideration, but most likely not possible technically. Our roadmap is working towards marketplace and auctions prior to staking.


Thanks & understood. Appreciate you taking the time to reply

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