Club utilization standards

It is in the best interests of the RKL and all members of the ecosystem to have a very high percentage of the 300 clubs being actively managed and involved in the gameplay and community. Once minted, Club tokens may not be utilized by their owners either because they are being collected to “flip” or because the owner had good intentions but never got around to doing much with it. While there may be a limit to the number of Clubs which can be won via auction for a single wallet, this is insufficient to mitigate the problem.

Implement a set of standards which are voted on and approved by the RKL community which govern the use of Club tokens. Possible elements of the standards include:

  1. “Registering” the Club on the website with basic information and branding
  2. A minimum number of filled roster spots of Kongs which are part of the Club
  3. A minimum level of participation in official League play with the Club
  4. A progressive set of consequences providing ample opportunity for the Club owner to meet the standards.
  5. A method by which a Club token that fails to meet the standards can be invalidated for League play and the ability to mint/auction new Clubs on a 1 for 1 basis to replace these Club tokens.

While this requires some centralized administration by the RKL, as the official governance body for the League, it is in all participants best interests. Again, the final draft of standards should be approved and implemented as a result of a community vote.


I believe this is a good idea to give people the ability to come into the club world via the bottom division ( by design inactive clubs being relegated anyway)
Call it the “Graveyard” or “Zombie” League.

Which provides an exit for option for person who’s lost their mind & had enough RKL​:man_facepalming::pensive:

As well as a starting point for new club owners to grind their way up from the “Graveyard” league to bigger things.