Kong-fidence Meter

In additional to in game stamina what if each kong had a confidence meter. This would be adjusted accordingly with the kong’s actual in game performance vs their expected stats per boost.

For example, if a club has a 240+ boost kong sitting on their bench because it is division 1 club with higher boost Kongs playing more minutes, they would not be putting up as expected stats - as a result start to perform temporarily poorer over time.

It would create a different strategy for club owners building a full club with a range of boosts. As a kong owner, it would incentivize you to sign with a club that will play your kong as expected. It could give the 175-200 Kongs more value in becoming the “6th man” for clubs in higher divisions. This then creates demand for certain unhappy kongs signing elsewhere during scouting/free agency/offseason periods.

Down the line this could also be a key indicator if a kong is on a hot or cold streak.


This is actually a really great idea! I’m not sure how complicated it would be to build technically and fit in with the game mechanics but definately adds a realism to the squad structure.

Very cool idea! Def feels like something that would have to come in later down the line but could be part of an awesome update when ready for it

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This is an amazing idea. It would also help out with “evening” boosts differentials. Making fair play within divisions even more competitive. If a “confidence bar” is added we also must think of a way to boost it, either temporarily or permanently. Kudos on the idea!

This is a really great idea and something we will keep in mind when developing but this is something that will need to be implemented at a later date once we have a solid working game which will adapt over time.