GDD Feedback: Abilities

We want to hear your thoughts and feedback on our new abilities feature, within the RKL game.

If you missed our recent substack article, we released our game design document. An ever evolving document that contains information on the ins and outs of how the game is currently shaping up.

You can read the full GDD entry here for abilities - RKL Abilities - The RKL Playbook

Make sure to drop your comments below and give us any ideas, changes or additions you’d like to see implemented to RKL Abilities.


I love the in-game control you have with abilities. Also love the fact you can trade “ability cards” on marketplace. And merging to form 1 super ability is dope. Would be dope as a community to vote some of our favorite abilities wed like to see in game. Overall cannot wait to get started!

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Love the concept behind the abilities and being able to stack multiples! It adds another layer to collecting within the RKL ecosystem. Also, it adds a skill and strategy element to the game to offset boost discrepancies between lineups. LOVE what i’m seeing and can’t wait to see it in gameplay. keep up the great work!

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Can’t wait to use abilities in game ! Think it’s a great way of giving the players more control over the action. It Would be cool to see some defensive abilities or maybe some that affect the whole team for a duration.

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Abilities sounds exciting for sure!

This is an extra layer that sounds optional which is great, perfect for people who want to stratergize against teams ranked higher.
Some people could just want to play the game without worrying about extra stuff but offering an advantage to those who chose to play their cards right…:wink::laughing:

This would inturn create a natural desire play the game more to collect more “abilities” or use the marketplace to become a better equipt team/user.

A “Buzzer Beater” would be a good one activates a garentee shot from anywhere inside of final 30 seconds of game.

Even “Super Speed” that last a quarter? These are few of the top of my head as ideas.

To be able to trade these would massive for big games & coming into finals time.

Huge layer that should be yet another game changer! Keep building great things RKL :metal:

Will higher competition kongs (D4-1) receive a different variety or scale of the same abilities as the lower play kongs (D5-9) or will the ability cards be constant across all divisions of play? Theorizing that Rare Furs and High Boosts will see the most playing time, I am also then wondering if they would produce different frequencies or levels of ability cards from seeing more court time.

Will ability card NFTs be locally kept custodied by players themselves, by their clubs or by RKL directly?

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Yeah this could help bring lower boosted Kongs more value if they were able to hold more Abilitiy cards then higher boosted Kongs.

Even maybe a tiered set up;

300+ Kongs = 5 ability cards
250+ Kongs = 10 ability cards
200+ Kongs = 15 ability cards
150+ Kongs = 20 ability cards
100+ Kongs = 25 ability cards
50 + Kongs = 30 ability cards

This could tighten the competition but it wouldn’t be taking away to much from the boosts.
Just a thought.:man_shrugging:

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Love the RKL abilities. I would suggest adding something fun which is not quite an ability so maybe it’s like a sub stack. But being able to snag cards that are pure fun and not actual gameplay like:
best after dunk dance (ala Ja Morant Griddy dance)
3 point night night (Steph Curry style)
Various celebratory things, but overall love the look and idea of them.

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