Kong Template 3d Files

It would be great to have access to a 3d Kong file that offers just the body shape. This way we can work on designing clothing for the Kong community.


Great idea! I work for a company that is a dealer for Stratasys, Makerbot, and Formlabs. Print your own kong collectibles/accessories from home.


1000% agree.

Guess the team have to settle on a final design first though.

Cool idea. We will finish rigging on the final design and share the file to play around with.


Amazing! Thank you. Adding more for minimum character count

Hey Direkkt! Really looking to utilize the 3d kong in a few different manners such as displaying Hooperz fashion and using it in hype videos.

Is the 3d model rigged up and ready for us? or almost ready? Thanks.

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Hi all,
apologies for the delay, the Kong file can be found here:
Rigged model: 3D Kong Model - Google Drive
Google Drive: Sign-in

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Is there a way to get the OBJ file or FBX… I dont have maya

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Exported an FBX here… if you still need.

Can you bring this FBX file back?

Thank you! Looking forward to tossing some 'fits on these bad boys.

Sorry. here’s the FBX again

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