Ability to change uniforms

Although sickpencils designs on all 10,000 kongs are amazing, some have dresses, and other garments that might not be to everyones liking when it comes to actual gameplay. What are our thoughts on uniform design and will we be able to match our kongs uniforms with clubs, different events, allstar games, home and away jesrseys…


But you wear that dress so well bruv :kissing_heart:

I’m pretty sure I remember on a call Marcus talking about this. Maybe didn’t confirm at the time exactly how in game wearables will be implemented with clubs etc, but definately in the plans I’m sure.

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I guess this comes into play for non-league play matches. From what I recall, Kongs in league-play games will wear the jerseys of their club.

I hadn’t considered the outfits for pick-up games.