Arena Opinions - Share Your Ideas

Obviously not all opinions can be integrated into the final build of the game look and feel. However, I strongly feel like the arena is looking a bit childish. I agree it should be fun, but we are going to be hopefully getting huge brand endorsements and P2E “salaries” so I think the arena should be a little more buttoned up. Less bananas and less random words around the arena. I’m thinking it should be like an NBA arena but more fun - I think the team should aim for that

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+1 I won’t totally trash it, I think it is great for a mid division court. Division 1 stadiums should look D1 though.


It could be nice if every club can custom their own stadium , or if artiste can design some as a NFT and sell it to club owner.

Sponsor could makes their own stadium and pay clubs to play in their arena !


The first 1:50 of this is gold! Great inspiration if anything.


Absolutely. Even if it comes after the initial release of the game, custom stadiums are a must have for clubs and sponsors.


There will be multiple types of arenas. General arenas for the rotation, and down the line we’d also like to give clubs their own arenas. This is obviously a lot of work, so we might work with a more scalable approach and have it skinned etc.

Also, we are getting contacted by brands to have “on-theme” arenas but this would be post-release features.


An idea that might be something we could do sooner than later is to begin incrementally allowing “naming” rights to the first customized arenas. Maybe this is for a community contest, a random club drawing, or the winners of a tournament. But the “naming” would include some ability to determine the customizations for the arena and the name of it. This first set of custom arenas could become the OG collection to be followed by more customization later.


Has there been any conversations around the type of inventory in-stadium we could display advertisements? For example, digital ads on the floor, banners on the sideline, billboards at the top of the stadium, etc.