Signature "call outs" or "phrases"

I would like to hear signature phrases from the commentators. Every great commentator in history has a signature call and it helps define the brand of the team.


“NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE!” would be :ok_hand:

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We are currently exploring some signature phrases from Kongs, but don’t know yet how to effectively use them.
One current match UI mockup actually has this:


I was thinking more like audio commentary in-game. When a three pointer is made “BINGO” or a nice dunk “BOOM-SHAKALAKA”. Would be cool to have those audio cues with big plays. Or even cues like when there is a lead change “The momentum has shifted”. Or potential game ender like “That’s the nail in the coffin”. A lot of these come from NBA Jam, but that is something that really stuck with me and the NBA Jam Brand.

Link to the voice of NBA Jam - Tim Kitzrow

Link to gameplay audio


Absolutely these are a must imo, catch phrases can be so memorable and RKL culture can be more widely spread & adopted via these catch phrases going viral on socials these days.


Would it be possible to have the community submit sound bytes that can be integrated into the game? A kongsy pre-game intro would be awesome to hear. ex " We have the xxx club vs yyy Club This matchup will be bananas!"

We can even have the community suggest catch phrases:
“From the logo”
“that was lit”
“Rumble young Kong Rumble”
“Did you see that?”
“That kong has hands the size of feet” lol

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Its definitely something we are looking into to incorperate community driven elements into the game, but this will be implemented at a later date, it may be something we hold a competition or vote regarding.
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